Tropical Storm Heading The Southeast Area of Texas AKA Houston

Through Wednesday we are going to be getting horrible weather at least. There is a tropical storm coming our way. Today was probably not even close to the worst we will see. Stay Safe! Although many students are attending school in person that may change over the course of the next 4-5 days.

Many students were planning on taking tests this week and that may be postponed or all students will take it online while being monitored.

We have been getting some nice chilly weather recently and that is because Fall is coming but also the tropical storm is causing high wind speeds. The highest wind speed we should be getting this week is on Monday with speeds up to 26 mph.

This storm has already affected many people in the coast area and may effect more as it moves closer to the land. But, we may not have to be worried as much when it hits land because most of the time it it slows down once it hits the land.

Hurricane, Storm Surge Watches Issued for Texas, Louisiana Coasts Ahead of Tropical  Storm Beta | The Weather Channel
Current status of the storm

Stay safe and be prepared!

“Holy” by Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper

Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper reunite for new song "HOLY": |

Last night I watched the live release of “Holy” by Justin and Chance and I give it a 9/10. It was a really good song and brought back a lot of good memories.

It was some of the best music from JB and I am so happy he decided to make this song with Chance.

The one thing I would have enjoyed more about it if he had his wife in the video instead of a lady I have never seen before. I get it though.

It is a really good song to chill to and I would recommend it as your next song. The vibe if the song is love and he is an artist who writes a lot about his own love and feelings. I remember listening to one of his songs the other day because I felt love. Something hit me and I missed what I had with someone so I decided to play one of his songs.

But, I was not sure how Chance and him would go together but I really appreciated the collab. Right now this song is #2 trending. That is really good.

Holy Music Video

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The girl who lived in the wood


                     Chapter 1

There was a woman named Melanie who lived in the woods with  her daughter Emily. And they were very unfortunate. They lived in a cottage and only ate beans,berries,and any crops they could grow.

One day Emily decides to go visit the town that was known for their fruit. When she enters the town she could hear music playing and smell the fruit and most of all she can hear the animals in the barn. This was nothing like where she lived.Finally she decided to go look for the fruit. When she arrived at the fruit stand there was a man with white hair and dark brown eyes. Emily tried to ignore him but after a few minutes the man said “you got any money?” Emily of course said “no”, “then why are you here” the man said. Emily looked worried and didn’t know what to do. She thought about her mom and how much she ate, then she grabbed some apples and a pineapple and took off running. The man chased after her until he reached the woods then he turned back and walked away.

When Emily reached her house she was covered in dirt and was sweating a lot and knew her mother would question her. But, she decided to enter her cottage. When she shut the door she took off her shoes. She placed the fruit on the wooden table and went to the living room. When her mom noticed she was home she asked “why do you look so gross and sweaty?” “Ummm… I was chased down the streets by a man” she answered. I mean it wasn’t a lie. Her mother told her to wash up for dinner. As Emily was spraying down her feet with the hose she started to worry if her mother was going to ask about the fruit or would she even notice. When she was finished she went back inside and headed to the table for beans and berries. Her mother had noticed the fruit on the table as she was sitting down. Emily had not noticed that her mother was looking straight at it with a confused face, actually Emily didn’t look at her mother at all while she was eating.

When it was time for bed her mother came into the one bedroom they shared,and said “where did the fruit come from?” Emily ignored the question until her mother asked again. Emily was speechless for a moment and then said “I had taken it from the fruit stand in town and that is why I was chased by the man.” The mother sighed and said “ you and I are going to town tomorrow to return it and then we will buy something with the change we find on the streets.”

The next day Emily’s mother had made beans and had placed the fruit in a bag. When Emily woke up she remembered what her mother said last night. She had gotten dressed and went to the table. Her mother asked her to eat and try to not look so sad. But Emily couldn’t even pick up the plastic fork she used everyday, it wasn’t because it was dirty it was because she was worried about going to town.

When her mother finished eating she told Emily to put on her shoes and bring a small wallet. They had taken the long way to town and on the way they were picking up pennies and dimes that they found. Emily collected $ 1.33 and her mother picked up $2.04. When they got to town Emily went straight to the fruit stand and saw the man who chased her. Her mother returned the fruit and said “Emily do want to say anything?” And the only thing Emily said was “ That’s the man, that’s the man who chased me!!” Emily had said that loud enough where about 40 people could hear her. 

Melanie (her mother) turned to the man she pointed at and looked him straight in the eyes. The man was angry. Melanie raised her hand to about her chin and slapped the man hard enough where a bruise appeared on his face. About 10 people gasped and 12 people acted like they saw a dog doing the splits. When the man has focused again he looked at the woman and walked away with his palm against his face. 

When they finished picking up some stuff they walked home and talked about how someday they hope to get good jobs and have a better life and maybe Emily would get to see her father. Well, that’s what Emily hoped.

I have posted this late because of internet issues but this is a story I have worked on for a bit and need help with chapter 2. Comment on this post if you have any feedback or ideas for the next chapter!

~Earn Money For College~

How to Save & Invest Money for College

I have earned 2 scholarships worth up to 1500-2,000 dollars. I used “Match The Promise Foundation” to earn this. Although it only goes through 5th to 9th grade it is worth it.

How It Works

You will need to submit an essay between 200 and 300 words on what you plan on going to college for. This must be submitted by December 31st and results will be given around March.

I decided to write about Child Psychology. I wanted to be a Therapist for a good amount of time now and I am hoping that my essay will bring me closer to being able to afford that. I have always had a passion for helping others and I have seen so many young kids and adults go through the worst things possible.

Anyone looking to earn some extra money this is a good way and there are so many more options!

Fall Is Coming

That’s right Fall is coming in just a little over a week. And whether you are online or in school it is going to get chilly. This morning I felt such a calm soothing breeze and that told me, Fall is here. Recently, I have been decorating with pumpkins, candles, scented pine cones, and so much more because I love fall.

Fall is my favorite season because the leaves change into beautiful yellow and oranges and the air get chillier. It is never to warm or to cold in Fall and one of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving which is the best way to end this wonderful season off. But, Fall is just the best season and it is amazing how the world changes in this just one season.

Like, you have seen leaves die in Winter and come back in Spring with beautiful flowers but what makes them turn orange and yellow? Is it because they are in the process of dying, yes. But why do they start dying? Well I have the answer. So if you don’t know that leaves are green because the sun is on them pretty much constantly which helps them produce Chlorophyll. But when Fall comes around the sun is not around as much which makes it harder to produce Chlorophyll. And so that makes the leaves change color and they dry up and die.

Another reason to love Fall is Halloween! I have started working on my costume even though we have like 1 1/2 months till Halloween. I am going harder than I have ever gone on this costume. But you will just have to wait to see what I come up with. But, Halloween is such a fun and spooky time and I have always loved it. My favorite part is the costume. I love making my own because I get to do what I want with it. This year I am going to a Halloween party. I am really excited and can’t wait to see everyone else’s costumes.

Autumn Leaf Heart Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr,  Pinterest, and Twitter
Tumblr Halloween Desktop Wallpapers - Top Free Tumblr Halloween Desktop  Backgrounds - WallpaperAccess

Something New

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Welcome to or welcome back to “Letsgetpersonal” you may be wonder why the title says “Something New” well that’s just it. I am going to start something new. Now I won’t be sharing the main details but I am hoping that I can get it uploaded to my next posts. If not there will be a link in the next posts. But other than that it will all be a mystery.

I am not sure when it will first come out but I am excited. I am very passionate about writing and this will launch my speaking career off also. I have always been one to voice my opinion but usually also have facts to back it up.

I know that you are probably like WHAT? Or you are just like “Idk what she means and want to know” Well just know that whatever is posted you will being hearing something that is very important to me and I am ready to share it all with you. Also I have noticed that my view stats have been up and down lately and wanted to know what YOU would like to hear more of or “Something New”

I have done a bunch of recipes and reviews and wonder if you want to hear more of that or should I go back to Corona News or Music? Let me know down in the poll.

I will be keeping track of you votes above and will use that to decide my blog

Thank you for coming back to “Letsgetpersonal” And can’t wait to see the results!!

Meal Prep and what you NEED to know

First off, What is Meal Prep?? Well it is exactly what it says it is. It is the preparation of meals. Many people do this if they are on specific diets, don’t have time to cook each meal or go buy something everyday, and some people just do this because they like to be organized and it helps you know what exactly you need to buy every time you go grocery shopping.

I started meal prepping this week and I did not prep like 3 meals for each day I just kind of stuck with lunch or a snack but it was there whenever I was hungry.

1. Make a plan

Decide what you are going to cook ahead of time. Pick all the recipes you want to cook for the week, and put together a grocery shopping list. I would suggest you start with 2-3 recipes per week. It’s nice to have variety, but it also takes a lot more time to cook different meals, especially if you are just starting out! The photo attached to the right is a good simple template that would be useful if you plan on making different things such as: Fruit bowls, Burrito bowls, etc

2. Multi-task

Cook multiple things at once!  You can actually bake chicken while roasting your veggies at the same time. This will really help you to get things done much faster.

3. Don’t meal prep too many meals

Don’t meal prep more than 5 days worth of food. Most of the food you will prep won’t last more than 3 days in the fridge, so make sure you freeze the rest. What this means is that put 2-3 meals in the fridge and the other 3-5 meals in the freezer.

4. Keep your goal in mind

I am a big fan of having goals. They really help you to achieve results. Whether you are trying to save money, simply eat healthy food or lose weight, keep in mind why you are meal prepping! You’ll be less keen to opt for a takeout meal!

*Picking the right containers is very important. Glass containers are better for the microwave but if you do use plastic make sure they are BPA-free*

Meal Prep Ideas


  • You will need your choice of fruits,yogurt (Light Vanilla is recommended), and any other toppings you would like to add. An example is Chia Seeds or granola
  • Add a layer of of fruit and any other toppings you would like to the bottom of a bowl like container.
  • Add a good amount of yogurt to the container but leave just enough room for 1-2 more layers of ingredients.
  • Add your last layers of fruit,seeds,etc.
  • Put in the fridge and eat within 2 days
Muddled Strawberry Kiwi Yogurt Parfait | Our Kid Things


  • You will need ground meat,veggies,rice (optional), sour cream (optional), and any other ingredients you would like to add
  • Grab a medium sized container and add fully cooked ground meat into the bottom
  • Layer it with your choice of Veggies and any other ingredients you chose to add
  • Keep in fridge for no longer than 3 days and in freezer for no longer than 1 1/2 weeks
Best Loaded Burrito Bowls Recipe-How To Make Loaded Burrito Bowls—


  • You will need frozen meatballs or ground turkey to make them from scratch, rice, carrots (Optional), Sauce of choice ( I prefer Korean BBQ or Teriyaki) and veggies
  • If you chose to make meatballs from scratch then form you meant into small or medium balls and cook on stove top until brown or in oven until brown and crispy. If you chose frozen meatballs then cook about 4 per serving in the oven or air fryer
  • While your meat is cooking grab a medium sized container and add a layer of veggies.
  • Once your meat is cooked dip them in the sauce you chose which would best if you used a fork to hold them and in a small bowl have the sauce and just Dip!
  • Before adding the meatballs you want to cook and add your rice. For how ever much rice you put add double the amount of water. In a bowl combine your rice and water and any seasonings if you would like then cook in microwave for 5 minutes then 15 minutes on half power
  • Add rice on top of first layers of veggies then on one side of the container put your meatballs and the other side put the remains of your veggies
  • Keep in fridge for no longer that 3 days and in freezer for 2 weeks
Chicken Meatball Rice Bowls | The Café Sucre Farine

I hope that this has been helpful and please let me know if you try any of these!

Random Info you may or may not need

First of all thanks to whoever views my post! I would like to know what you guys want to see so let me know in the comments. Also none of you are following my blog but that is not why I do this. Anyways there is going to be 3 different sections in this random info post so read whichever one you want first!


The Oreo Mocha Fudge Blizzard is out and very delicious. The other day I had ordered it because I love coffee. It has Whipped Cream, Oreo Pieces, Fudge Chunks and I assume Coffee. It is very good and not too sweet like other Blizzards can be. The Fudge Chunks can be a little chewy but if you grab just the right amount of ice cream to go along with them then it should be perfect.


We all know Corona has made 2020 a really hard year but that does not mean that it has taken the world over….. Not Yet at least. Ever wonder whether 2021 will be like or are you just trying to get through this year? Well 2021 I think will be the year where Corona actually calms down but it will be there. They might come out with an actual vaccine that is available for everyone. We might actually go to school all together. I don’t know. No one really knows at this point. STAY SAFE!!


1. f2020 by Avenue Beats

2. Alone in My Car By Niki Demar

3. Dear Anyone Needing Self Love By Caroline Manning

Just choose a section you need! Thank you for reading my blogs! What do you want to see next?

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